Arrest report outlines details in LMPD incident posted on YouTube

Image from the YouTube video (Source: YouTube)
Image from the YouTube video (Source: YouTube)
Photo of injuries to Zackery Hoagland (Source; Dwayne Hoagland)
Photo of injuries to Zackery Hoagland (Source; Dwayne Hoagland)
Photo of injuries to Zackery Hoagland (Source; Dwayne Hoagland)
Photo of injuries to Zackery Hoagland (Source; Dwayne Hoagland)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The YouTube video is tough to watch. As our Troubleshooter first showed you, a Louisville Metro Police officer, identified as James W. Conley, appeared to hit 22-year-old Zackery R. Hoagland in the head with a flashlight. The video, which was posted on YouTube, shows Hoagland appearing to resist officers at Fourth and Liberty outside of Fourth Street Live! around 4 a.m. on Sept. 11.

"I mean, it seemed a little excessive on the police violence, but I don't know the situation beforehand, because I've only seen that small clip," said Julio Collins, the night manager at J. Gumbo's which is across the street from where the incident happened.

WAVE 3 showed the video to Collins who did not witness the incident.

"I don't know what the situation was for the cops," said Collins. "Hopefully they used their best judgment on what they thought was necessary."

According to the arrest report, officers saw Hoagland in "a loud verbal argument" with another person and say Hoagland was challenging other person to a fight.

The report goes on to say that when officers tried to break up the situation, Hoagland grabbed the officer's uniform shirt at the throat and threatened to strike the officer. It also states that when police tried to place in him custody and put his hands behind his back, Hoagland resisted. Police said the subject (Hoagland) was "heavily intoxicated on alcohol."

The arrest report did not mention hitting anyone being hit with a flashlight.

"As far as violence from the police, I don't really see any violence," Collins said. "You do see fights and stuff out here from, you know, drunk people and whatever and what not."

Collins said police and security at Fourth Street Live! maintain a well known presence.

"Fourth Street (Live!) has pretty good security out here at night. They do a pretty good job of keeping things under control, I think," said Collins. "I mean, usually, police are here to keep things under control. Because, some people do get a little too happy drunk so, and the police are here...they let their presence known. So, people don't usually get out of control, usually."

After watching the video, Collins said he'll be more aware of his night time surroundings.

"Oh, yeah, of course. Usually at night, I'm the only one here. So, I've got to keep an eye out on everything anyways."

Hoagland faces charges of alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct, menacing and resisting arrest, all related to the scuffle.

We did try to reach out to Hoagland's attorney, as well as the person who posted the YouTube video.

LMPD is conducting an internal investigation and would only say Conley is on administrative leave.

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