WAVE 3 Editorial - Sept. 27, 2011: Lead the Big East

Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

The University of Louisville Cardinals won 40 titles in their first six years in the Big East, more than Cincinnati, Marquette and South Florida – the three teams that joined with them – combined.

In the last 13 years, all 23 sports programs at UofL upgraded their facilities. It is an impressive athletic program, with a history of excellence - 109 All American performers and several Olympians as well.

No other college in the nation can boast a women and men's final four basketball appearance, BCS Bowl game, College World Series berth and College Cup soccer final appearance in the past five years.

Clearly it is a program worthy of any conference in America with a budget of nearly $75 million a year, compared to less than $15 million 13 years ago, thanks to huge community support and very strong management leadership.

The Big East as a conference is 32 years old and charter member Syracuse leaves in two years, along with Pitt. Louisville was the new kid on the block but now is the time for the Cardinals to take more of a leadership role in the Big East.

No conference is better in basketball. The need is more football schools and there isn't a shortage of schools looking to join. Help guide the selection of who gets in to make sure the BCS berth gets protected.

Don't assume the grass is greener somewhere else, like the Big 12. That conference, while filled with quality schools, has nearly combusted twice in the past year.

You are the class of the Big East now. Lead that conference back to football prominence.

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