Mobile operating room parks in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- A mobile operating room is parked outside the emergency department at University Hospital. Covidien's training o-r on wheels is here for two days allowing surgeons easy hands-on access to some of the newest surgical tools in minimally invasive surgery.

"This particular van has made stops from California to Florida to Maine, all across the country" said Jack Burton.

Burton, a training specialist with Covidien, helped set up the 6 operating room stations inside the 85 foot trailer.

Once open for surgery, it provides about 1200 square foot of space for the doctors who stop in for some practice with surgery tools.

The tools are designed to perform procedures through tiny incisions about the size of a dime, and some surgeries are now performed with only one incision made through the belly button.

"We have proven less post operative pain and a quicker return to normal activities, that's a feature most patients really want" Dr. Erica Sutton said. Dr. Sutton specializes in minimally invasive surgery and gets some hands-on training herself with a cordless design that's one of the newest tools available.

At each station, the doctor can work on a pod that simulates the abdominal cavity. They practice tying sutures and removing organs among other needed skills for the procedures.

"It's a great way to get really good at what you're doing without putting the patient at risk," says Dr. Shan Biscette, a fellow in OBGYN at University Hospital.

Among the procedures now being performed through these smaller incisions are gall bladder removal, appendix removal, hysterectomy, gastric band, kidney removal, hernia repair and bowel resections.

The mobile unit is on a two day stop at University Hospital.