Pilot in KY crash identified as Louisville doctor

Dr. Lyle Moss (source: Facebook)
Dr. Lyle Moss (source: Facebook)
Piece of wreckage of the plane (Source: Mike LaFleur)
Piece of wreckage of the plane (Source: Mike LaFleur)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville doctor was piloting the small plane that crashed into an inn at the Rough River Dam State Resort Park.

The Grayson County Coroner says 61-year-old Lyle R. Moss was pronounced dead Friday after his plane crashed into the rear of the two-story Pine Tree Inn.

People who knew Dr. Moss at Bowman Field understood his passion for planes.

"Someone who builds and flies their own plane is certainly a special breed," said pilot for Cardinal Wings Aviation, Stacey Freeland.

Pilot Steve Harmon is reflecting on a thirty minute conversation he says he had with Dr. Moss before the fatal crash of his hand made plane.

"He took an airplane motor out of it and put a Chevy Corvette motor in it," said Harmon. "That's what caused his problems as far as I'm concerned."

According to the Experimental Aircraft Association, there are many pilots who build their own planes at the annual fly-in in Grayson County where Moss' plane went down.

"The building is half the fun," said pilot Steve Parkins. "The real fun doesn't start till you get to start flying. Unfortunately we have to witness this. It's hard, it just tears you up."

Freeland of Cardinal Wings Aviation says there are two schools of thought when it comes to flying.

"There is an experimental side and there is a general a general aviation," said Freeland. "It's certainly not for everyone and it does require a high level of expertise and a very high tolerance for risk."

The cause of Moss's death remains unclear and will be determined by autopsy results. It also is unclear what caused the crash.

There were no serious injuries or deaths on the ground related to the crash. It caused a fire and minor injuries to a woman treated at the scene.

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