Hardin County residents set to vote on expanded alcohol sales

Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson
Patty Davis
Patty Davis

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Some Hardin County residents said the subject of alcohol has divided the county and even some neighbors for years. A decade ago, you could not buy a glass of wine in the county. That was until residents voted to allow alcohol sales by the glass at restaurants. On Tuesday, Hardin County residents will hit the polls and decide on expanding alcohol sales in the county even further.

Currently, people can only buy alcohol by the glass at some restaurants by the glass at some restaurants in Hardin County. The majority of profits from those business must come from food sales.

The day before the vote, signs littered yards all over Elizabethtown. Some bright green and white signs read "Vote YES! October 4th" as they urged people to vote in one direction. Other bright red and white signs read "NO on expanded alcohol sales October 4."

People we spoke to in Elizabethtown Monday knew where they stood.

"Mine will be yes," said Patty Davis.

Davis does not drink, but she was in favor of expanded alcohol sales.

"I think if it got here, in town, there wouldn't be as many people out on the roads drinking," Davis said. "I think it'd be a lot safer."

Linda and Bruce Thompson of Elizabethtown had a "vote NO" sign in their front yard. Linda Thompson's reason for voting against the expansion of alcohol sales was personal.

"Well, I had a brother-in-law that passed away at an early age from alcoholism and my father drank in earlier days. There was just turmoil in the family and it breaks down families."

The vote was on the mind of Libby Cecil, a co-owner of Beef-O-Brady's on Ring Road that sells alcohol by the glass.

"So, it's a concern of ours that if the ticket goes through, that our sales will decrease. Just because of being able to go home with it, rather than come out," Cecil said. "We're waiting to see what happens tomorrow and go from there."

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