KY teacher under investigation for claims of sex with student

Diane Lawson
Diane Lawson
Jo Goldsmith
Jo Goldsmith

HODGENVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A sex scandal is rocking a Kentucky high school and police have launched an investigation into what happened outside of the classroom involving one female teacher and at least one male student.

Charges are expected to be filled in Hardin County for the LaRue County teacher because officials say she lives in Hardin County and that's where officials believe those sexual relations took place.

"It has been the talk of the school," said Diane Lawson, parent of a LaRue County High School student.

Police say education isn't the only thing that's been taking place inside these four walls.

"It's setting a bad example and I don't want a female teacher coming on to my son like that that's just not right and I don't want my child to be hurt," Lawson said.

Police say an investigation is underway at LaRue County High School, more specifically English teacher Natalie Gentry.

"I only met her one time so it's kind of surprising," said parent Jo Goldsmith.

She's been a teacher at the high school for at least five years.  On her school web page, she says "I truly, truly love what I do and I hope that passion is reflected in my class."

But it's what is believed to have taken place at her home that's landing her in hot water as officials are investigating her after claims she had sexual relations with at least one male student.

"Oh I can't even say words to describe it it upsets me quite a bit," Lawson said.

Now parents are doing the teaching; teaching their kids to be careful about whom they trust.

"I've been pretty proactive about it since I know it's been going on. They look to their teachers as examples and I'm trying to teach them to not look at teachers as examples anymore and I don't think that's a good thing," Lawson said.

"It is frustrating because you send your kids here to be taught and not something like this and I have two boys in high school so it's frustrating," Goldsmith said.

The school district is on fall break this week and no one would return repeated phone calls. Parents, however, tell WAVE 3 that Gentry has been off the job for a few weeks.

Due to the sensitive nature of the case, it could be next month until we know where this case goes from here.

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