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Two prison escapees still on the loose, last seen in Spencer County

Jessica Nation Jessica Nation
Sheriff Buddy Stump Sheriff Buddy Stump

TAYLORSVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Two jail escapees remain on the loose and they were last spotted in Spencer County Tuesday night.

The two men escaped from the Blackburn Correctional Complex in Lexington on Sunday. Their escape almost came to an end Tuesday, when they led police on a chase near Taylorsville in a stolen car.

"That entire night I was paranoid, I could barely sleep," said Jessica Nation, who watched the car chase unfold at her home off of Chatman Lane in Spencer County.  

"I jumped up and looked through my window and saw it going through right past the barn," said Nation.

The men drove through soy bean fields and eventually ditched the car and took off by foot, but if that sight wasn't bad enough, Nation soon realized one of the men involved was a relative.

31-year-old Jerry Nation is her husband's cousin, he along with 41-year-old Anthony Kendrick have been on the loose since walking away from a minimum security prison Sunday morning.

Sheriff Buddy Stump believes the two came to Spencer County looking to hide out with family. "They did visit one relative that we know of for sure and I don't know if they were aware when they first showed up that they had escaped or not, but I think they were shortly afterwards," said Stump.

"We have a couple of uncles that live around here, too," said Nation.

Another relative, who doesn't want his identity known, just wants the men to turn themselves in. "I want them caught. They committed a crime, yeah it was just burglary, but if they are going to crime you have to do the time."

"So we can all be safe again," said Nation.

Nation would have been eligible for release this December. If you have any information about the men's whereabouts, you are asked to call your local law enforcement agency. 

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