Homeowners keeping close eye on bridge plans

Gene Snyder Freeway at US 42 in Prospect
Gene Snyder Freeway at US 42 in Prospect
Avinash Goel
Avinash Goel

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's only a matter of time before the drive up the Gene Snyder Freeway in northeast Louisville won't end in a bunch of trees. While the Ohio River Bridges Authority moves forward with plans on how to pay for the bridge, the state is laying the groundwork for the East End Bridge that will cut through quite a few neighborhoods.

Avinash Goel learned a year after moving into his house on Wolfpen Woods Drive that his backyard would need some adjusting for expansion on Interstate 265.

"I have about 25 trees. They are going to knock those trees down which I don't like," said Goel.

They'll be putting up a sound barrier in his backyard, but Goel said had he known that the before moving in he may have never bought the house.

As far as design goes, Goel, a former civil engineer, said he has seen the preliminary plans and thinks it will be fine for his home.

"The design is much better because right behind my property the road is going to drop about 35 feet so that will out down a lot of noise," said Goel.

He's trying to stay positive.

"In the long run it is going to benefit us, but we have to go through all the construction," said Goel.

Which means Goel has to rule out selling. However he's still hoping after that if the neighborhood is near a major thoroughfare more people would be interested in living nearby.

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