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Neighbors: Portland business is 'modern day speakeasy' as investigation is underway

Good Times Social Club Good Times Social Club
Gene Stokes Gene Stokes
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - What's really going on inside a Portland neighborhood business? Neighbors have been vocal to Metro government and WAVE 3 about a business called "Good Times." Now we've learned officials are getting involved.

"We've now begun setting this up as a nuisance case," said an official at Wednesday's Metro Council meeting.

Three strikes - or complaints - and now Metro Government wants to toss Good Times out of business.

"A modern day speakeasy pretty much," is what neighbor Gene Stokes calls the business.

That's how neighbors describe the Portland business at 2331 West Main Street where the sidewalk outside is littered with Early Times bottles. Neighbors say the alcohol is coming from inside.

"I been in there once and they do sell beer and they don't post it," said neighbor Everet Baker.

There may be an "A" in the window, but that's from the health department when it comes to food sanitation, not alcohol. The business doesn't have an alcohol license and officials say that's just one reason why they say Good Times is bad business.

"It ain't no good you know," Baker said.

It's been the talk of the town.

"Having problems late at night keeping neighbors up," neighbor William Hoskinson said.

"I got kids out here and it's just uncalled for," Baker said.

The business wasn't open early in the evening when WAVE 3 stopped by. Damon Hayes owns it and referred us to his attorney, saying he doesn't serve alcohol. Still, with three complaints against it, Metro Government prepares to step in.

"It needs to be shut down. Needs to be shut down.  If they're going to run it like they are without a license for liquored who knows what else is going on," Stokes said.

Metro government hasn't set a timeline for when they plan to seize control of Good Times.

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