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Two Fourth Street Live businesses battle financial problems

DJ Jay Campbell DJ Jay Campbell
Samai Morris Samai Morris

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The future of Fourth Street has a lot of people talking when they hear two major staples are facing serious financial problems.  

Red Star Tavern is preparing to close its doors now another bar finds itself the target of a lawsuit, accused of skipping rent payments.

It's not your traditional office, but DJ Jay Campbell is no stranger to Fourth Street Live! when it comes to work.  "One of my first memories at Fourth Street was here at Red Star Tavern," said Campbell. "It is an absolute shame to see that they are closing."

Red Star Tavern opened on Fourth Street in 2004. The restaurant's general manager told Business First that the company's corporate owner- Restaurants America- has not paid rent since July of 2010 and that they will shut their doors by October 18.

This comes as a surprise to some. "Oh my goodness, I did not know that, I mean this is really shocking news," said Samai Morris who works downtown.

If that's not bad enough, the business that sits on top of Red Star is saddled with its own lease problems. Last week Saddle Ridge's owner filed suit against the country bar claiming it owes more than $130,000 in rent.

"This is just not good, not good at all," said Morris.

"I can't imagine that they could go out of business because they are so busy especially on Friday and Saturday nights, it must be they don't make enough money during the week," said Megan Derr who works near Fourth Street.

While Campbell has seen businesses come and go on Fourth Street, he says the news is hard when it comes to two of the longest tenants.

"Fourth Street Live has been great to local DJs and folks like me around town and I just don't know what I would without these establishments," said Campbell. "In fact I applied for a job at one point at Saddle Ridge and I mean that would be a great place to work, they were always packed and had a lot of people in there. I just don't know what Fourth Street Live is going to without these two places."

Calls to both businesses and their owners were not returned. In regards to Red Star, Fourth Street officials did tell us they can't comment due to legal matters, but say they hope to replace the restaurant with an even better venue.

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