Eminence, KY homeowner: 'This house is infested with snakes'

EMINENCE, KY (WAVE)- A local woman told WAVE 3 there is a slithering problem in her home that keeps her up at night. She said she has a snake problem and she pulled out the proof, Friday.

Cheryl Nelson, of Eminence, said snakes are such a problem, she claims living in her home is like living in a snake den. Snakes are what Nelson claims she deals with at her Eminence home since she moved in, in late 2009.

"This house is infested with snakes and has been for at least 7 years," Nelson said. "They're in the walls, the attic, the crawl space, and this is their den."

Nelson said she hears them slithering every night. She said the creatures sometimes keep her up at night.

"It sounds like someone crinkling up paper very softly," Nelson said as she described the sound. "Like, they're just rolling around in insulation, I guess. But, you can hear them."

Nelson said she has killed snakes near her home.

"I have killed them right outside the back door of the kitchen. And, at the door of the sunroom."

Nelson claims the snake problem is so bad, she sleeps with an ax, a hammer and "my bible every night," Nelson said as she displayed the items on her bed.

Nelson showed WAVE 3 a snake skin she picked up off the floor on Sunday. She also showed us two snakes she killed, that she claims were recently trying to enter her home. Nelson pointed out the spots all over her home where she claims to hear the slithering serpents.

"I just really need to get help to get out of here before I get bit," Nelson said.

WAVE 3 spoke with Nelson's realtor by phone, who told us Nelson was aware that there were snakes in the home when she bought it. Nelson's realtor said it was revealed to Nelson by the seller and Nelson's loan officer before she moved in. Knowing that, she decided to buy the house. One company also told WAVE 3 they went out to try to fix the problem but said Nelson refused, because of the cost of the work.