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Teen's murder brings back painful memories for family

Cody Cantrell (Source: Cantrell family) Cody Cantrell (Source: Cantrell family)
Sharon Cantrell Sharon Cantrell
David Cantrell (Source; Cantrell family) David Cantrell (Source; Cantrell family)
Phillip Mucker Phillip Mucker

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Most of us struggle with what it would be like to even have one family member killed. A Louisville family knows that pain twice.

"We were always close," said Sharon Cantrell. "We read together, talked together." 

But Cantrell said as her grandson Cody Cantrell got older, he became a troubled teen. Then again, he had every reason to be.

"He had just started to gain a relationship with his father when he was murdered," said Cantrell. "So that laid heavily on him. That bothered Cody a lot."

In a terrible twist of fate, 17-year-old Cody followed his father in a way no son would want to. He was shot to death two years and a few blocks from where his father, David Cantrell, was murdered.

"So now I'm dealing with two deaths all over again," Cantrell said. 

Thursday night, Cantrell knew something wasn't right when police rushed to Algonquin Park.

"And I heard all the sirens and when I saw them turn in the park, I just took off running because I knew Cody was in the park and I didn't know if he was involved or not but something just told me to get to the park," said Cantrell. 

Cody's cousin Phillip stopped Cantrell from seeing the worst of it. Phillip Mucker said he knew it didn't look good, so when she saw Cantrell running toward the park, he ran and stopped her from seeing it. 

Now Cantrell is back in the same place she was two years ago after her son died, looking for the same source of strength.

"I have faith in God and he's the only one who's sustaining me right now because I don't know what I feel," she said. "Sometimes, I feel nothing. I just wish it would stop, these senseless murders." 

Cantrell said she pulled Cody out of high school because she says she didn't like the path he was going down. But Cody did get his GED and was going to Jefferson Community and Technical College.  

Louisville Metro Police say they have no suspects in Cody's death, but do say witnesses are cooperating with their investigation.

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