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Viewers, Troubleshooter help solider in need of clean water

Louisville, KY (WAVE) - A local soldier needed clean drinking water. His wife asked the Louisville Water Company for help, but they refused. So she turned to the WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Department.

And Troubleshooter Eric Flack, and our viewers, came through in a big way. Sam Satterly was part of the wave of generosity to Sgt. Anthony Terry.

"If that's the least we could do for them then it's a small price you know," Satterly said.

Sgt. Terry lives in Mt. Washington and is member of an army national guard unit based in Florence. He's in Fort Hood, Texas right now preparing for his 3rd deployment to Iraq

He told his wife Christy the water on post tasted so bad it was making him and his fellow soldiers sick.

"They're getting ready to go to Iraq," she said. "We don't really need them sick."

Hoping to give her husband a taste of home Christy asked several major companies, including the Louisville Water Company, to donate bottled water to her husband's unit. But every single one turned her down telling Christy, Sgt. Terry didn't qualify for their donation programs.

So she turned to the WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Department. And we turned to viewers like Sam Satterly.

"I was really disappointed in the local business and they couldn't help out," Satterly said. "I feel like those guys are over there every day putting their life on the line for us, and if they aren't drinking good water and we can help then that's what I want to do."

Others, like Carl Garman, contacted us through Facebook and shipped water right to the station. Viewers donated 63 cases of water in all. More than 1500 bottles.

Troubleshooter Eric Flack and WAVE 3 staff members loaded it all up in a live truck and delivered it to the airport. The people at UPS took it from there.

Ups agreed to ship the water, all 1,846 pounds, to Dallas for free. Spokesperson Jackie Blair said the company did it "because it was the right thing to do."

Once the water arrives in Dallas, the men and women of the Dallas VFW Post 6796, said they'll pick up the water and drive it the final two hours to Ft. Hood, and deliver it to Sgt. Terry.

A Fort Hood spokesman told us that the water on post often has a funny smell, color and taste but added the water is safe to drink.

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