WAVE 3 Guest Editorial – Oct. 11, 2011: Public Spending Accountability

Councilman Jerry T. Miller (R-District 19)
Councilman Jerry T. Miller (R-District 19)

By Jerry T. Miller
Louisville Metro Councilman, District 19

In 2004, Metro Council passed an ordinance requiring a simple three line report of the cost of new laws or contracts to you the taxpayer. Although this law has been used repeatedly over the past seven years, 14 members of Metro Council are looking to turn back the clock and move the results of government union negotiations behind closed doors.

Thursday, the Metro Council will vote on an ordinance to prevent the public from knowing the true cost of government union contracts, representing nearly half of Metro's total budget.

Sponsors of this ordinance admit this will prevent the public from knowing the actual cost of government services while in the same breath claim the ordinance improves transparency.

You are too smart for that game. In tough economic times, the last thing this community needs is to turn a blind eye by exempting a group simply because they are politically connected through big money donations.

So today I ask for your help. Please call your member of the Metro Council (574-1100) or the Mayor's Office (574-2003) and let them know that public money should be spent in an open and accountable way.

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