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Are tattoos becoming the next trend among women?

Tattoos have become extremely elaborate and artistic...and so are the women who are giving and receiving them.

At the Canton Tattoo Classic Expo in Ohio, you see all the usuals...the bikers, the teenagers, the fanatics.

But in the past few years, it's the women who have been soaking up the most the ink.

Jessica Haney has been a tattoo artist for 15 years, but says it's only been in recent ones that she has seen the explosion of female artists. When she first started inking, male customers weren't always very accepting.

"Most of them, I would draw the pieces up and they would ask me who was going to do it," she says. "I'd say [I was]...'Oh no, I don't want any girl to tattoo me!' So I kind of had to make my way in the industry."

As for the tattoo taboo that only men should be sporting ink, the rules have changed. Now getting inked is more about art than machismo.

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