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A football game in Brentwood played with a lot of heart

The Stevens brothers - Alex, Jared and Ryan The Stevens brothers - Alex, Jared and Ryan

You could feel the excitement. With only a minute left in the fourth quarter of the game, the  Sunset Sabers were scoreless against Woodland. But it turns out the Sabers were down, but not out.

"It made me extremely proud," said Alex Stevens.

Alex Stevens was blocking for his brother Jared, who was being wheeled onto the football field by his other brother Ryan.

Jared has cerebral palsy.

The game against Woodland became an opportunity for both coaches to teach the players that winning isn't everything.

"I would've loved to have beaten Woodland but they spanked us. But Jared proved what the big picture is all about," said Sunset Coach Clay Mayes.

The Stevens family moved from Florida to Brentwood in August. The boys are triplets. Alex was born first, then came Jared. Ryan was last. They are not identical. It's also pretty obvious that Jared has cerebral palsy. But the differences end there.

Jared lights up around his brothers, and when he wanted to play football, the coaches at Sunset helped him achieve the goal.

"It's the world of importance to us. What do you want to be when you grow up? An NFL coach.  An NFL coach? You can do that, yeah," said Alex to his brother Jared.

The ending score for this game was 25-0. As Coach Mayes said, Woodland "spanked" Sunset.

But when you listened to the crowd as Jared took the field, it's clear there were no losers on the field this night.

Jared was given the Courage Award at the football banquet. Phil and Lisa Stevens are the boy's parents. They have an older sister, Lauren and another brother, Andrew.

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