No permits needed for Halloween on Hillcrest Avenue

Andrew Held
Andrew Held
Lauran Coleman
Lauran Coleman

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It is the most well known Halloween decoration display in the River City. The monsters, skeletons, ghouls and goblins are up at many homes along Hillcrest Avenue off Brownsboro Road. Last year, there were questions raised about possible permits. We looked at how things are going this year.

For Andrew Held, this is the seventh year of setting up his family's Halloween display.

"There's a sort of neighborhood feel to it and it's organic," Held said. "We just do it to A) we enjoy the attention and B) we like giving back a little bit. We actually moved into this house because of Halloween."

Held spends about $100 a year to decorate. His theme this year is space aliens.

"The fish tank is our new addition this year," said Held. "We're going to have alien embryos growing in there coming up in the next week or so."

His neighbor, Lauran Coleman, showed us their torture chamber themed display. Coleman's husband spent about six months putting it together.

"We do it because it's so much fun and we love having people walk by and we love hanging out with all of our neighbors," said a smiling Coleman.

But Coleman said there are some traffic concerns this year.

"There's always safety concerns," Coleman said. "I know we've had some incidents on our street before, but if everybody's just safe and drive slowly, because there's a lot of people around here. You've just got to watch out."

On Halloween night, Coleman said traffic is pretty much at a standstill.

"People go really slow down the street," said Coleman. "You can't really get through. It's hard to even get out of the driveway if you need to leave at some point."

Neighbors said there were also concerns that the city might start requiring permits for displays.

"Last year, it was a big deal," Coleman said. "Some people were very upset about it because they didn't think that we should have to do that."

We checked and the city confirmed permits are not required this year.

"They were mostly worried about the extra money being spent on traffic concerns," Held said. "Realistically speaking, we have always paid for our own extra security. We've hired a cop at a couple of the intersections to make sure things go through."

Coleman and Held said they'll do it again next year. They even shared some advice for others.

"I think the secret to a good Halloween display is a common theme throughout your yard," said Coleman.

Held offered another piece of advice.

"Like the stuff that you're dealing with," said Held. "Make sure that you're picking a theme that matches your personality. Enjoy the decorations you're making. Get the kids involved."

Held asks if you're driving down the street and you want to see the decorations, please pull over. Hillcrest Avenue residents also remind drivers need to be patient with the people who want to see the decorations.

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