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Suspect admits to burglary spree

Steven Allison (Source: LMDC) Steven Allison (Source: LMDC)
Nathan Richardson (Source: LMDC) Nathan Richardson (Source: LMDC)
Eugene Devers (Left) Genevieve Devers (Right) Eugene Devers (Left) Genevieve Devers (Right)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- According to a police citation Steven Allison, of Louisville, stated he and Nathan Richardson, of Louisville, cashed in gold and silver valued at $2, 000 every day for a month.

A police citation said Allison admitted that he and Richardson committed 50 to 100 burglaries across the Metro. This after police said Allison took police to several location across the city where several houses were hit.

Allison was behind bars at the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections and police were looking for Richardson. Friday, two of the victims spoke only to WAVE 3's David Williams.

Genevieve Devers, 75, of Louisville and her husband Eugene Devers, 79, of Louisville, have called Gabriel Drive home for almost 50 years.

"You had a time when you could leave your house unlocked and not even have to worry about it," Eugene said. "Not anymore," His wife Genevieve added.

That stark reality blind sided them Monday. Genevieve is living with breast cancer. When she and her husband locked all the doors and left for the hospital around 9:15 a.m. Monday to prep for her upcoming surgery, they returned home around 12:30 p.m. to find jewelry scattered on the bed. Someone had burglarized their home.

"Well, it makes you feel violated more than anything else," Genevieve said. "That somebody could get in your house and mess in your things and you're not here. That's what really hurts,"

The Devers said some $1, 200 in jewelry was picked through and stolen. Genevieve said a mother's ring some other rings that she had were stolen. She said a diamond watch that she got for her 50th anniversary was among the items taken.

"This ring is the most valuable thing that I got back.That was our daughter's," Genevieve said as she held up her daughter's gold ring that was returned to her.

Allison was arrested Thursday and is behind bars at LMDC. A police citation states he drove a vehicle to the Devers home, where Nathan Richardson forced his way in through the rear door and stole several thousand dollars in jewelry. Some of it was recovered. The rest of the jewelry was taken to scrap for money. The citation said Allison admitted he and Richardson committed 50-100 burglaries across Louisville. And that Allison stated he and Richardson cashed in gold and silver valued at $2, 000 everyday for a month.

"Well, I guess they enjoyed their money," Genevieve said. "But, it does leave you feeling shaken, I'll tell you. We did."

Friday, the Devers said they were thankful.

"Thankful he's (Allison) caught and I hope he stays there. And I hope they catch the other one (Richardson) and keep him, too," Genevieve said.


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