Man charged with attempted murder of 15-month-old

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville man is charged with attempted murder and assault in the 1st degree after a 15-month-old was taken to Kosair Children's Hospital on Friday with life-threatening injuries.

According to a police report, the toddler had bruises to his head, chest, stomach and inner thighs. The majority of the injuries appeared to be fresh.

The police report states that doctors said the victim had a right subdural hematoma, inter-hemispheric hemorrhage, depressed skull fracture, elevated liver and pancreatic enzymes, level four laceration to the liver and fractures to the left and right posterior ribs.

The report says that the victim had been in the care of 21-year-old Roderick James Williams for several hours prior to the baby being brought to the hospital.

"That child was in his sole care and that point the mother left to do some errands or something to that nature," said LMPD Spokesperson Dwight Mitchell. "Believe the individual did call 911 he was taken to Kosair."

Police say during an interview, Williams admitted to shaking the child for about 2 minutes, throwing him into his crib and holding the child down in the crib.

Police say charges could be up-graded to murder if the toddler dies because of his injuries.

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