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Bullitt Co. man accused of pushing toddler into brick wall

Clifton Perkins Clifton Perkins
Andy Perkins Andy Perkins
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CLERMONT, KY (WAVE) – His family says he's didn't do it, but investigators say 27-year-old Clifton Perkins pushed a baby into a brick wall causing a double brain bleed.

The child, two-year-old Damian Whitmer, is recovering at Kosair Children's Hospital. Nicole Whitmer is the baby's mother and her fiancé is the man behind bars charged with the crime. Whitmer said she doesn't believe it's true and neither does his family.

"Just be strong because we are going to be there," said Andy Perkins as he sends a tearful message to his younger brother. "This whole community is going to be there."

Clifton Perkins lives with his parents, his fiancé, his two children, and her three children in a home on Vine Hill Road in Clermont.

"I looked up to him because I watched him and I seen how patient and good he was and I want to be that and I'm suppose to be the role model, but he was," said Andy. "So it's wrong. I know it is."

Last week, Clifton Perkins was watching his fiancé's children. According to court records, he pushed Damian into a brick wall and then did not call 911. The court document states that Clifton Perkins said he pushed Damian and another child, a three-year-old, after hearing a 9-month old baby scream, claiming he did not think about it when he was doing it.

His father, Eugene Perkins, says he knows he did not mean to hurt him.

"When he heard that baby screaming and he could scream, he probably got up in a hurry and accidentally knocked him down," said Mr. Perkins.

Before Damian was checked into the hospital, Chjild protective Services got involved after someone called them stating the baby had multiple bruises. This was also after he suffered a seizure.

"He always had bruises on his face and back," said Eugene Perkins. "He had old bruises on top of bruises. He's always falling."

Since Clifton Perkins' arrest, all the children have been taken out of the home, leaving Eugene and his wife devastated.

"We're all good people, at least we thought we were, because they are making us feel pretty low right now," said Eugene Perkins.

Whitmer said she never would have left her children in her fiancé's care if she thought they were in danger.

At Kosair Children's Hospital Damian is listed in fair condition and his mother says he is expected to be ok. Clifton Perkins remains in the Bullitt County Detention Center charged two counts with criminal abuse of a child age 12 or under.

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