Combination vaccine reduces number of shots

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- Fewer shots mean fewer tears and a new vaccine being studied through UofL Pediatrics could soon put 4 shots into one. About 1500 infants will get the new combination vaccine as part of a national Phase III study. UofL Doctors will enroll up to 100 patients.

Lead Investigator and a UofL specialist in pediatric infectious disease, Dr. Gary Marshall explained "the investigational vaccine combines the D-TaP with the Hepatitis B, the HIB and the polio." In all, it will protect against 6 different diseases.

This last part of the trial will further determine safety and if children get the appropriate immune response. Periodic blood tests will measure antibodies. "We've established in the past, if you attain a certain level of antibody, then that's going to protect you" Marshall said.

Many parents are eager to take part. Tasha Linder is a mother of three and takes them all to UofL Pediatrics Broadway. She didn't hesitate to sign up her youngest, 4 month old Maliyah, "less needles, less crying, it's all a lot easier" Linder said.

The patients get the shots following the routine schedule at 2, 4 and 6 months. Then a booster at 15 months.

Parents are asked to keep a diary of any side effects following each shot. UofL Pediatrics is still enrolling patients at two locations, UofL Pediatrics-Broadway and the UofL Children & Youth Project on Floyd Street.

The child must be enrolled before his or her 3 month birthday.