Louisville UAW members vote in favor of Ford contract

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The workers at Louisville two Ford plants have voted in favor of the proposed national contract with the automaker.

By a vote of 53.3% to 46.7%, the members of UAW Local 862 passed the contract. Union officials did not release the number of the nearly 5,700 eligible members that votes.

"For the whole local wide it was in favor of it," said UAW 862 President Todd Dunn.

It's an outcome Dunn said that didn't really come as a surprise.

"I thought the number would be real close to that. I had my guesstimates," Dunn said.

But what caused the deal to barely pass here?  Dunn says the concerns were across the board.

"We had some members who said we didn't get anything back and we had some members who said look what we did get back so you heard conflicting reports," Dunn said.

Now it's a time of wait and see.  Only a few more plants still have to vote before the official nationwide tally is counted, but it's expected to pass nationally.

Now officials are looking on and looking forward to all the hundreds of new jobs coming to Louisville's Ford plants.

"The voting procedures over and now we've got to look at how the work's going to come in," Dunn said.

And if you think the jobs or the contract won't impact you, think again.  For every job inside the plant, there are an estimated 7 more in our community, meaning the new jobs coming to town won't be just within these four walls.

"This is going to do a lot for us. It's going to bring more vendors in, more suppliers in, it's going to help our total tax base and it's going to do great things," Dunn said.

The UAW represents workers at the Kentucky Truck Plant on Chamberlain Lane and the Louisville Assembly Plant on Fern Valley Road. If passed nationally, the deal will run through 2015.

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