WAVE 3 Editorial - Oct. 25, 2011: Congressional Term Limits

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

Requiring members of Congress to participate in the same health system and Social Security system as the rest of us and purchasing their own retirement plan rather than collecting a pension when they leave office could go a long way to getting them in closer touch with the reality of our lives.

They've lost touch and we are suffering the fallout.

Congress has authorized spending nearly $500 billion the past ten years on America's longest war ever in Afghanistan. That is unsustainable.

The greatest nation on earth has seen its credit rating downgraded as the national debt escalates by the day. We are all supposed to live within our means but the body of government that authorizes spending doesn't.

The citizen legislators our Founding Fathers envisioned is anything but as Congress has been a career for many, rather than a tour of duty. Consequently, polarizing party politics trumps leadership and common sense decision making.

The Louisville Metro Council is considering reducing the maximum number of consecutive terms served by the mayor and council members. We should be doing the same for members of Congress.

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