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Parks Director suspended after Troubleshooter Investigation

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville Metro Parks Director Mike Heitz was suspended Tuesday as a result of a WAVE 3 Troubleshooter investigation. Troubleshooter Eric Flack documented Heitz drinking then driving in his city take-home vehicle on several occasions.

"This is a serious issue, and I will not tolerate city employees potentially endangering the lives of innocent people," Mayor Fischer said.

Heitz announced today that he will enter an alcohol treatment program during his 30-day suspension. "I made a mistake and there is simply no excuse for it. I apologize to the Mayor, to the Metro Parks staff and, most importantly, to my family and the citizens for this lapse in judgment."

Heitz's city vehicle has been taken away and he has agreed to undergo alcohol treatment. And it's not the first time he's had issues with alcohol.

Records uncovered by WAVE 3 show Heitz was arrested and found guilty of DUI while driving his personal vehicle 2007. Heitz was parks director under then Mayor Jerry Abramson at the time, but according to his city personnel file, no action was taken by the city.

We're continuing to dig and gather facts for our investigation which airs Thursday at 6. You will see our hidden camera video, find out just how many drinks the Parks Director had, and see what happened once he got on the road.

During Heitz's suspension, Mayor Fischer announced Parks assistant director Marty Storch will assume the role of interim director until Heitz's return.

Fischer also announced that he will require everyone with a city-issued car to undergo training about their responsibilities.

Accords to the city of Louisville's website, Heitz makes $111,989 a year. He has been Metro Parks Director since 2003.

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