Community groups work to stop violence

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Crime scene tape and flashing lights from a police car: they are all too familiar sites that seem to be popping up more often in all parts of Louisville.

Sunday night at 32nd and Broadway:  a man is shot to death in the head.

Earlier this month, two were shot to death in less than 24 hours: one at 29th and Ali; another at 43rd and Market all on October 13.

And on Monday:  a beating death in broad daylight in the East End.

"Our first series of meetings in response to the recent shootings," said Bishop Dennis Lyons.

Community groups are coming together, reaching out to stop the violence.

People packed Gospel Missionary Church on Tuesday night to praise -- and pray -- that the violence ends.

"It's not getting better; it's getting worse," Bishop Dennis Lyons said during the service.

They're not alone.  Luther Brown is with the Board For Change.

"86% of people that get fire arms the right way don't practice gun safety at home," Brown said.

His group examines gun crimes in our area.

"When we dissect that we look at where the gun violence it is. It's in 4 zip codes last year and $6 million in just shootings alone," Brown said.

He says that's the price tag between hospital bills and police response.

"Our loved ones are the one dying. We have to come together, unify one another and start giving love to this community," Brown said.

And that's the underlying message with all these groups: it all starts at home.

"If you have that peace in your home, then we're hopeful we'll have peace on our sidewalks, peace in our schools and peace on our streets and peace in the places in the community but it really has to start at home," Judge Angela McCormick Bisig told WAVE 3 News.

She's part of the "Bring Peace Home" movement.

"We see tragic cases of family violence and children being hurt," the judge said.

Her group seeks to empower families buy helping them build a solid foundation.

"It's things like education, it's getting them off the street and out of drugs," the judge said.

Her group will talk more about that at Walnut Street Baptist Church at 1101 South 3rd Street at 6:00 pm on October 26.  It's a group of many different agencies coming together to help stop crimes before they happen; the goal of all the groups.

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