MADD responds to Troubleshooter investigation of Parks Director

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Many members of the Metro Council tell WAVE 3 News through a spokesman, they want to let Mayor Greg Fischer take the lead on the suspension of Parks Director Mike Heitz.

But, others in the community who make it their business to stop people from drinking and driving have no problem talking about it.

Watching Metro Parks Director Mike Heitz sitting in his city take home car at KT's Restaurant as he backs in and out of drinking and driving questions from WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Eric Flack is un-nerving for Mother's Against Drunk Driving member and former victim's advocate Sharon Hatfield.

Flack asks Heitz: "You think these questions are unfair?" Heitz: "I think what you do is unfair."

Hatfield told us of Heitz reaction, " It's sad, and It continues to be sad."

Flack: "Do you think people out on the road that have lost a loved one to drinking and driving would have any issue with what you're doing?"

Heitz: "We'll they should. Not, what I'm doing but, what other people have done."

But, according to court records, Heitz is one of those other people.  In 2007, he plead guilty to a DUI in Jefferson County in a personal vehicle.

Hatfield said, " I am deeply offended, not just because he is the Parks Director but, because he is." She continued, "Each of us have a standard and I appreciate the fact that the Mayor actually held him to a standard."

Hatfield also appreciates that Heitz is now owning up to what he did and is willing to get help.

The mother who lost an 8-year-old son to a drunk driver hopes the Parks Director sees it not as getting caught but, as an opportunity. "He may think he wasn't drunk and he may think any of those other times he wasn't drunk although he was willing to accept a cab ride which was a good thing," she said, "but, there isn't an opportunity to undo it and when it's a death, you're life is never the same."

The mayor also announced Tuesday that everyone who has a city issued car will undergo training about their responsibilities when driving that car.

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