Deputy, suspect identified in deadly shooting

Glenn Priddy (Source; LMDC)
Glenn Priddy (Source; LMDC)
Dep. Daniel Shipp (Source: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)
Dep. Daniel Shipp (Source: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A 20-year-old Louisville man is dead after being shot by a Jefferson County deputy sheriff.

Lieutenant Colonel Carl Yates says 48-year old Deputy Daniel Shipp was serving an emergency protective order at a home on Powell Avenue near Glendale Avenue around 4 a.m. Wednesday when a man they were not looking for began talking with the officers.

Authorities say 20-year-old Glenn Priddy was walking down the street, carrying a gas can, and they became suspicious of him. The officers ran his plates, and found he had outstanding warrants. Authorities say Priddy went to his car to get his license, but tried to drive off. There was some sort of a struggle and Deputy Shipp was halfway in the car and was dragged around the corner.

"I just heard a guy yell: 'Stop your car or I'm going to shoot you,'" said witness Chuck Steele.  "I looked out and that's when I heard the crash into the pole and I heard a gun shot."

Investigators say Shipp fired a shot, hitting Priddy in the head, and killing him.

"It was firm and loud," said Steele. "Then he said stop your car or I'm going to shoot you. It was loud enough for me to hear over the movie I was watching, so I guarantee you the guy in the car heard it."

Deputy Shipp was transported to University Hospital for treatment after he suffered abrasions from being dragged. He's expected to be ok. Yates said the most serious injury is to his upper arm where Priddy stabbed him. Shipp has been with the Sheriff's Office for four years and was assigned to the EPO/Warrant Unit.

Priddy was wanted on an outstanding bench warrant for burglary and an arrest warrant for escape 2nd degree. Lt. Col. Yates says Priddy escaped from a corrections facility on East Chestnut Street a couple of weeks ago.

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