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Southern Indiana teacher pushes student out of the way before hit by a car

Micah Robertson Micah Robertson
Sgt. Eric Mills Sgt. Eric Mills

SALEM, IN (WAVE) – A Southern Indiana teacher is recovering at home after being hit by a car at school, while she was walking with a student.

Police are looking for the driver because they say she didn't stop after hitting the teacher at a Salem elementary school.

"It was a very, very long morning," said Micah Robertson, who is in her second year of teaching at Bradie Shrum Lower Elementary School.

Everyday she parks her car and usually walks in with one of her second grade students, who gets there about the same time with her grandfather. As they were getting near the door, Robertson says that's when she noticed a black SUV dropping off a student.

"The little girl and I just happened to be right in front of her, and as soon as the child shut the door, she floored it and hit me," said Robertson.

Robertson says she remembers that spilt second before she was hit.

"My first instinct was- and I guess that's probably why I'm so sore- because when I turned my body to get her [the student] out of the way, I was thinking this is not going to be good," said Robertson.

She made sure to push the 8-year-old girl out the way. "I would rather me get hit and not her because she is a lot smaller than me and it could have really hurt her," said Robertson.

Robertson says the girl's grandfather watched it all happen and confronted the driver before she left the parking lot.

"She said 'Oh I didn't see, I didn't see her there. I'm sorry' and when he came over to make sure his granddaughter was ok and make sure I was ok, the lady took off in the process," said Robertson.

That's why the Salem police department wants to talk to the driver and they urging her to come forward.

"We can get her side of the story and see exactly what the reason is she left," said Sgt. Eric Mills with the Salem Police Department.  

But they aren't letting a teacher's moment of bravery go unnoticed. "Going above and beyond what a teacher normally does- teach arithmetic or something like that- definitely that's not in her job description," said Mills.

Salem Police are looking for a black SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer. They say the driver is in her late 20s, early 30s with short blonde hair.

If you have any information, give them a call at 812-883-5100.

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