Stomach virus going around in Kentuckiana

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- The state's first lab-confirmed case of flu is reported in Jessamine county this week. In Kentuckiana, some rapid-test cases have been diagnosed, but the overall activity is classified as low. What is widespread is a stomach virus making the rounds in children.

UofL's Dr. Melissa Hancock is reporting quite a few sick children with the illness this week. Dr. Hancock says patients are presenting with variable degrees of fever, from low grade to higher levels. Other symptoms include vomiting and multiple episodes of diarrhea per day.

Infants under 6 months old need to be seen quickly by their pediatrician for possible dehydration. Older children should be closely watched for signs of dehydration which include a decreased amount of urine output, dry mouth or increased heart rate.

Dr. Hancock says re hydration fluids like Pedialyte or a generic equivalent can help in preventing dehydration, but she advises staying away from juice or sugary drinks while dealing with diarrhea.

The stomach illness is lasting one to two days.

Also this week, in Northeast Jefferson County, Dr. Amy Patel with Jewish Physician Group is treating ear infections.

In addition to pain in the ear canal, she says patients are experiencing symptoms of runny or stuffy nose, fever and cough. Doctors may recommend an antibiotic.

And with falling leaves, mold is wreaking havoc for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Dr. Timothy Feger with Family Allergy & Asthma says those with asthma are complaining of more chest tightness, wheezing and coughing. And those with allergies are feeling a stuffy head, chest congestion itchy eyes, fatigue and facial pain which could indicate a sinus infection.

If mold seems to be triggering asthma symptoms, Dr. Feger says the patient may need evaluation for underlying allergies. And if the symptoms indicate a sinus infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. For over the counter help, consider a sinus rinse to help clear things out.