Parents, area high school football fans, react to Penn State scandal

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Friday, at area high school football games, some people were talking about that sex abuse scandal surrounding Pennsylvania State University. A scandal allegedly at the hands of a coach.

"Yes, they are talking about it. They're in shock," Victor Bacon said as he looked onto the field illuminated by the night lights. "I think when more of the details come out. Everybody's confused because it's a storied program. Everybody's heard of Penn State."

"It makes me sad," Daphne Humphrey said as she sat in the bleachers watching a game. "I have two nieces and two nephews. I'm not a mom, but they're family and if anyone were to hurt them, it's outrageous. It really is."

Tammi Hart was a parent attending a football game in support of an area high school.

"It really is disheartening to think that you're trusting people to be there and help your children and to guide them. And to make them better people, and for something like that to happen...because that's going to scar not only that school and that program, but that family and those involved...their lives," said Hart. "I think that in the backs of the minds of a lot of parents, that will be something that, as they watch their kids out on the field, that they'll be thinking about."

Bacon called the scandal is a wake up call for society.

"It's a wake up call for society," said Bacon. "To talk about this stuff and that way people will learn how to react to it. And not be caught totally off guard."

Some parents said this could be a talking point to their children.

"I think that a lot of parents will be concerned," said Hart. "It'll be something that they should bring up to their children. Not to make their kids feel like they have to be on a stand-by and watching everything. But, just to put the thought in the back of their head that can always happen."

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