Constable investigated by LMPD before shooting

David Whitlock
David Whitlock
Tammie Ortiz
Tammie Ortiz

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - New details about the Jefferson County constable who shot a woman in a Walmart parking lot earlier this month. WAVE 3 News has obtained past investigations of David Whitlock by LMPD's Public Integrity Unit which is also looking into the shooting.

Ever since constable David Whitlock pulled out a gun in a Pleasure Ridge Park Walmart parking lot and shot 43-year old Tammie Ortiz in the face and arm for alleged shoplifting and running over his foot, questions keep on coming about the constable's powers of duty.

The Metro Council voiced it's concerns Thursday, " Metro Councilman David James told WAVE 3 News, "We have a person who has a badge and a gun and absolutely no training and I consider that a public safety issue."

Earlier this week we also found out Whitlock had a criminal past for theft.

A former co-worker, who didn't want to be identified, described Whitlock as a LMPD wanna-be, "Anytime we would make traffic stops, he would pop out, him and another guy with their guns drawn."

It's the same pattern of behavior described in police interviews with some of Whitlock's former deputy constables.

The Public Integrity Unit investigated from 2007 to 2010 after being told Whitlock, who is an elected public official was illegally appointing deputies---two who were felons--- that conducted traffic stops, issued citations, made arrests and served warrants.

The former co-workers said, Whitlock did so even after then Mayor Jerry Abramson forbid the constable from appointing deputies.

Claims were also investigated that Whitlock provided deputies with uniforms, official license plates and allowed deputies to use red and blue lights in their vehicles even though they had no police training or police powers.

Former deputies told investigators Whitlock liked sending them out to impersonate him with traffic stops and writing parking citations.

An investigator asks during questioning: Are they using their own name on these tickets?

The reply? I'm pretty sure they're David's, and he's probably pre-signed quite of few of them.

Our check of Whitlock's citations clearly show his name but, the hand writing of the signatures is different.

Because the allegations were made by deputies who had a falling out with Whitlock, investigators didn't believe there was enough credible evidence to file charges.

Whitlock's attorney told us he had no comment on the prior investigations.

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