Residents: Shively neighborhood infested with rats

Pictures of rats taken by Shively resident Elizabeth Davis.
Pictures of rats taken by Shively resident Elizabeth Davis.

SHIVELY, KY (WAVE) - Neighbors say a new project repairing and replacing some underground piping has created a new problem: rats that have popped up above ground, scurrying around a Shively neighborhood.

Often called "Lively Shively," when the sun goes down, the fear goes up.

"I've seen them here, over here," said Elizabeth Davis.  "Rats. Tons of rats. Everywhere."

Davis and her neighbors say every night, they come up out of the ground.

"They just run around everywhere and just go and I'm just devastated," said neighbor Aletha Adams.

In fact, this woman had an up close and personal encounter.

"Taking the garbage out. [A rat was] coming out of the garbage can! That's too much!  I screamed," Adams said.

Among the grass, traps are popping up in yards, netting a collection the Davis's never wanted.

"37 just since last Monday," Davis said.

And their moving closer.

"I'm in the bathtub and I hear, 'squeak, squeak, squeak, scratch scratch, scratch' and it sounded like it was in the wall," she said.

Davis said she has called every government agency, and can't get any concrete answers as to why the rats started coming to the neighborhood and who's responsible. The only thing Davis and neighbors can figure caused it is the below ground work.

"I went to the Board of Health, they said call MSD," said Davis. "MSD says it's not our problem, it's [the city of] Shively's problem."

No one claims to be responsible for the rats moving in. So until they move on, the Davis family lives like prisoners when the sun sets.

"We try to get home get the traps set and get the dogs fed and get in the house by the time the sun goes down," said Davis.

An MSD official says they didn't really do any sewer work in the area of Bonny Lea Court in Shively and that rats aren't necessarily attracted to sewer lines.

While Davis waits to get someone to respond to the problem, she continues to set traps and put out poison.

WAVE 3 will continue to follow this story.

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