Family of teen charged with murder says they should be looking at his father

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The 15-year-old charged with murdering his 14 year-old stepbrother pled not guilty Monday. After his hearing, Josh Young's family says they are accusing the wrong person. They say they should be looking at his father.

Josh Young's family says his father, Josh Gouker, is currently in prison on unrelated charges. He was Trey Zwicker's stepfather at the time the 14 year-old was found stabbed and beaten to death behind Liberty High School back in May. While they believe he should be on trial, his son is the one a grand jury indicted last week.

"I still say Little Josh is not to blame. He did not do it. I believe his father did it with all my heart and soul and I know my son with all my soul," says Young's Grandmother and Gouker's Mother Ruby Jessie.

Jessie says her grandson, better known as Little Josh, was set up by her son Gouker, better known as Big Josh. She says Gouker admitted to her that he killed his stepson right after it happened to get back at his mother. "Him and Amanda were having really bad problems. She aborted two of his kids in 2000 and one of their marriages and he felt like it was a child for a child," says Jessie.

Prosecutors says they are aware of Jessie's comments and that police will continue to investigate. In the meantime, they will continue on with the case against Josh Young while the teen maintains his innocence. "Josh would like his friends, family and the community to know that he did not cause Trey's death. Trey was his best friend," says Young's attorney Peter Schuler.

Schuler says there was a witness that he wanted to testify in front of the grand jury in favor of his client, but was not allowed to. Zwicker's family was not at the hearing, but via phone his father Terry says he also believes Gouker is to blame, but Young is not completely innocent.

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