Mailman describes what he saw during a quadruple shooting

HODGENVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man who says he witnessed a quadruple shooting in Hodgenville that killed three people describes what he saw. A postal worker called 9-1-1 and says he drove away as soon as it happened.

DISPATCHER: "Out on the road. Is he still alive?"

CALLER: "I don't know I had to leave. I didn't want to get involved too closely."

There were two bodies in a yard on Heying Lane and another in a red truck. It appears as if a maroon and silver truck cut off the red truck. The windshield wipers were still going when police arrived.

DISPATCHER: "Do you know who was involved?"

CALLER: "No. I can just give a vehicle description. It was a red extended cab, looked like a Ram truck and a woman was shot."

32-year-old April Roberts was the lone survivor. She drove to safety. University Hospital spokesperson Holly Hinson reported she was "stable" Wednesday.

Her mother Barbara Walker and father, David, both died. 55-year-old Steve Bottoms also died. Kentucky State Police did not release his relationship with the family.

DISPATCHER: "I guess the guy in the truck did the shooting? Is that correct?"

CALLER: "Yes, sir."

It's unclear which "guy" he's talking about. KSP spokesperson Master Tpr. Norman Chaffins said Tuesday they believe more than one person fired a gun. He called it a "domestic" incident and said they are investigating if it is a murder suicide.

Chaffins says police have responded to calls within the past two weeks involving the Walkers. There is not an Emergency Protective Order involving either one in LaRue County, where the shooting happened, or Hardin County, where they lived.

All four only have traffic tickets in Kentucky, not a more extensive criminal history.

The medical examiner performed the three autopsies Wednesday.

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