WAVE 3 Editorial, Nov. 29, 2011: Job Growth

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

As Kentucky lawmakers prepare for their legislative session, a focus on job growth must be their top priority. Cutting an unemployment rate that is a point higher than Indiana's and more than the national average is job one.

How to get there?

Raise the high school dropout age from 16 to 18; reward great teachers; and uphold Kentucky's new academic standards. To compete for jobs, Kentucky needs qualified workers.  Education is key.

Reform taxes that hinder job growth; remove unnecessary burdens on employers; and reform public pension systems. A business friendly climate leads to a job growth climate. Keep our energy rates low – a huge incentive for businesses to stay here or move here.

Individually, these moves won't dent unemployment woes but collectively they will. If you do your job, you'll make sure they'll be more jobs for the rest of us.

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