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Man dies after driving into high water

Ned Rosenbaum (Source: Family photo) Ned Rosenbaum (Source: Family photo)
Nelson County Sheriff Stephen Campbell Nelson County Sheriff Stephen Campbell
Flooded area of KY 46 where the accident occurred. Flooded area of KY 46 where the accident occurred.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's a warning that starts to sound more like a broken record when the weather gets bad - turn around don't drown. A family in Nelson County is reminded just how important that rule is after their loved one died when he not only tried to drive through high water, but hit another vehicle that got stuck in the same area.

His wife says 71-year-old Ned Rosenbaum was on his way to go bowling. They say it was something he loved in life. Unfortunately Rosenbaum never made it when he hit high water.

Whether he didn't notice the signs, didn't see the water or just thought he could make it through, no one will ever know why Rosenbaum drove straight down Kentucky 46 into flood waters.

"If he was going bowling you never know maybe he was late or something, said Nelson County Sheriff Stephen Campbell. "We have a tendency to get in a hurry in those circumstances and this is what can result if you get in a hurry and conditions are just right."

The water wasn't the only thing in the retired adjunct UK professor's way Tuesday night. Someone else who tried to make it through the floods got stuck too and was waiting for a tow truck when Rosenbaum drove up.

"Mr. Rosenbaum evidently hit the water, hit that truck in the front end and went, according to the report, went to the left," Campbell said.

The Sheriff's Department said they found Rosenbaum in his car after they towed out the truck he hit. His wife, Mary, said her husband knew the valley in Kentucky 46 was common for floods and was always cautious. Mrs. Rosenbaum said he even taking alternate routes when she thought it wasn't necessary.

Campbell agrees he probably wasn't trying to outsmart the water.

"I don't think it sounds like Mr. Rosenbaum was being risky. He probably just didn't take the time to make sure of the conditions," said Campbell.

Campbell said there were signs posted in front of the water, but Rosenbaum's family disputes that they were put up before he drove into the water.

In addition to his wife, Rosenbaum is survived by three kids and five grandchildren.

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