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Parents of murdered teen plead for help from the public

Photo of Thomas Ashley displayed at the vigil (Source; Family photo) Photo of Thomas Ashley displayed at the vigil (Source; Family photo)
Nicole Ashley Nicole Ashley
Archie Ashley III Archie Ashley III

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It was one year ago when 19-year old Thomas Ashley was shot and killed in the Portland neighborhood. His murder came just weeks after his own grandfather killed a teen for throwing rocks at his home. Louisville Metro Police tell WAVE 3 News they have no new leads in this bizarre case and like the family they are asking for the public's help to solve this crime.

In the same spot where her teenage son was gunned down, Nicole Ashley shares the grief she's been feeling and what she's been missing for the last 12 months.

"I've missed his jokes, his laughs and his kidding around with me all the time," Ashley said of her son. "He was growing into quite the young man."

The 19-year-old was trying to make a better life for himself a year ago in a Job Corps program at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. But it was a strange time for his family. His then 62-year-old grandfather, Archie Ashley, shot and killed 15-year-old Andrew Elliott, a boy he claimed was throwing rocks at his house and harassing him. Archie Ashley told investigators he fired his gun killing the boy. He is now serving time behind bars for the crime.

Just weeks after that shooting, Thomas came home for the holidays. He was riding his bike back from the home of a friend when he was shot and killed behind St. Xavier Street. A witness near the scene told the family he heard a boy scream," Don't shoot me, please don't shoot me."

"It's hard not knowing who did this to him and why they did this to him," said Nicole Ashley.

At the time, some people wondered if the reason for the teen's killing was revenge. His family said no. A year later, Thomas Ashley's parents are still convinced the two crimes are not connected and want to believe someone will come forward.

"It's hard not knowing and there are no clues," said Archie H Ashley, III, Thomas' father.

"Knowing they're still out there living their life everyday like nothing ever happened while we struggle to get through the day knowing Thomas is not here anymore," said Nicole Ashley of the person or persons who killed her son.

Family members say they appreciate the work Louisville Metro Police detectives have done on the case, but are still hopeful someone will come forward.

Anyone with information is asked to call the LMPD Crime Tip Line at 574-LMPD (5673). All calls to the Crime Tip Line are anonymous.

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