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Nelson County woman indicted for wanton murder months after robbery

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) – A Bardstown woman is indicted for wanton murder months after police say she robbed an elderly woman.

The Nelson County Jail does not allow cameras inside the building, but WAVE 3 reporter Katie Bauer met with 29-year-old Erin Barnes who says she's innocent.

Back in July, on Sunset Drive in Bardstown, police say 29-year-old Barnes went to 86-year-old Julia Auberry's home to steal a wallet. Barnes knew Auberry because she used to date her grandson.

Police say once Auberry realized Barnes took the wallet, she took action. "Ms. Auberry approached her, which people said was not out of her character, she was going to take it head on," said Chief Rick McCubbin with Bardstown Police

That's when police say Barnes hurried to drive away. "And ultimately struck her with the door knocked her to the ground and rolled her, if you will, several feet down the driveway," said McCubbin.

Police say Barnes left the scene, a neighbor heard the commotion and rushed to her side.

"She was skinned up from head to toe, everywhere," said a neighbor who does not want his identity known. "She was delirious kind of, saying she needed to do something or wanted to do something and I said no, you've got to lay here you know. I just basically kept her calm until they could get here."

Nearly two months later, Auberry passed away. Her death the result of complications following blunt head injuries, and police say Barnes is responsible. Earlier this week she was indicted.

"Barnes was indicted here before a grand jury for wanton murder," said McCubbin.

Barnes tells a different story, she says Auberry's death was an accident. From jail she says that day she went to Auberry's house to try to sell her a porcelain doll. Barnes says once she left the house she came across the wallet outside, thinking it was her ex-boyfriend's she picked it up.

Barnes says once she realized it wasn't she went to give it back, but she says Auberry started getting aggressive.

Barnes says that's when Auberry's son tried to pull her away from the truck and she fell and hit her head.

Barnes says while she feels sympathy for the family, she doesn't think she should be charged with wanton murder.

Barnes has a court appearance coming up later this month.

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