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$20K worth of equipment missing from volunteer fire department

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Chief Shane Crutcher Chief Shane Crutcher
Sheriff Charlie Williams Sheriff Charlie Williams
missing air pack missing air pack
missing thermal imager camera missing thermal imager camera
missing radio missing radio

RINEYVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A volunteer firehouse is burglarized and investigators say the thief got away with more than $20,000 in vital equipment.

Rineyville Fire Chief Shane Crutcher says he is at loss. He doesn't understand how anyone could steal from a volunteer fire department targeting certain tools they need to do their job.

"It's just not something that you would ever expect," said Crutcher. "You would like to think that there enough public trust out there that a volunteer fire department wouldn't be target."

Crutcher says after a run last week they were looking for their only thermal imagining camera, when they realized it was gone.

"There were some things that weren't adding up, that we really hadn't noticed they weren't there, that didn't jump out at us as being out of place until we started looking for them," said Crutcher.

In total eight items swiped, including a handheld radio, a truck head light bar, an airpack,  and a laptop computer.  The camera alone, that is used to help fire fighters look for missing people during a blaze, costs about $8000.  

"I think that it is probably someone who was familiar with where the equipment was at in the station," said Crutcher.

Hardin County Sheriff Charlie Williams says there was no forced entry into the fire house, and because it appears the thief targeted fire specific equipment. Investigators aren't ruling out that this may be an inside job.

"Sometimes you think it is a homegrown person and you find out it someone totally out of the county," said Williams.

"I feel like it is somebody that may have been on the department before possibly or just sees a target of opportunity," said Crutcher.

But whoever is responsible, this department would like their stuff back, so they can continue to give back to the community in the hardest of times.

"They've worked real hard for everything they got there and for somebody to just break in and take it is pretty sad," said Williams.

If you have information about this case you asked to give the Hardin County Sheriff's Office a call at 270-765-5133.

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