WAVE 3 Editorial – Dec. 21, 2011: Repairing MSD

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Quality management led the Trinity High football team to a national title this year and has led the Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana and Murray State basketball teams to a collective 43-1 record so far this year.

Mismanagement at the Metropolitan Sewer District led to a hugely critical state audit last week citing numerous instances where public money was spent on much more than delivering vital services to the city of Louisville.

Changing the leadership of the organization will help address concerns from the audit, but changing the culture will be needed to address accountability to taxpayers long term.

Suspending discretionary spending, travel and reimbursement not related to MSD's mission is a good first step.

Mayor Greg Fisher's decisive action in the wake of the audit should help bring more transparency and ultimately better management to the MSD.

It is the culture of a place that enables a winning atmosphere to permeate.  The Metropolitan Sewer District, unlike the locally successful high school and college teams, strayed from the core mission of operation and dozens of irregularities resulted.

Refocusing on the core mission of the MSD must be the top priority of new leadership.

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