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Family members say Young told them he killed Zwicker

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)  Joshua Young's father Josh Gouker has said four days after 14-year-old Trey Zwicker's body was found his son told him he killed Zwicker by beating him 15 to 30 times with a baseball bat, then turned to other family to help him get rid of the evidence.

In three interviews with police between the day his step brother was found and the day 15-year-old Josh Young was arrested he said he didn't murder Zwicker.  

In his first interview after the murder, Young told police the last time he saw Trey Zwicker was the night he disappeared.

From that point on Young changed his story, telling police he left the home to go to his relative's house.

Young's father Josh Gouker says his son confessed to him four days after the murder that none of that is true. He says Young told him he convinced Zwicker to go vandalizing the night of May 10.

The two ended up behind Liberty High School where Gouker said Young asked Zwicker what time it was. When Zwicker checked his cell phone and put it back in his pocket Young beat him with a Louisville Slugger.

"He said after hitting him the first time Trey shook and he said he probably would have died he said, 'Dad I could stop.' He said he couldn't quit hitting him," Josh Gouker told detectives.

Gouker said the first person Young told was that relative he said he was staying with, Cassie Gouker.

She says he showed up asking for help getting rid of bloody clothes and the bat.

Eventually Cassie Gouker took police to the dumpster where she said she drove young to throw away the evidence.

In an interview with Young's grandmother Ruby Jessie she told police he told her he did it because Zwicker was always getting him in trouble. She also told police she didn't believe him.

Jessie told WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss the same thing when Young was arraigned.    

When contacted Thursday about the evidence Jessie said she had no comment.

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