Group asks lawmakers to increase school funding

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A group made up of educators from across the state called Kentucky Education Action Team says the lawmakers in Frankfort have cut too much funding for the state's schools and something needs to be done.

The principals, teachers and parents met in the capitol rotunda Wednesday to announce their plans to ask the general assembly and governor to get funding back to where it was in 2007. They say in the last five years spending in programs for kindergarten through twelfth grade has been slashed to the point that some areas - such as textbooks are non-existent. They say they are required to do more to help students achieve they think the state should give more support.

"We have made monumental steps over the past 20 years," says Principal Tim Hitzfield. "We've made huge gains, but if we're going to achieve at a high level it's important we maintain funding at those high levels as well so we can stay where we are and increase that output by students."

A spokesperson for the governor says he shares the same priorities as the group and has repeatedly protected funding from the deeper cuts other areas have faced. However, they say the next budget will require tough choices that the governor's office is still preparing for.

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