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Update on $20,000 water bill

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A $20,000 water bill one local couple said they shouldn't have to pay is now over $21,000.

Bob and Virginia Frye's water bill has gone up, due to $600 in late fees tacked on every month.

The Louisville Water Company sent the original bill in September, telling the Fryes millions of gallons of water had been used at their rental property on South Fourth Street.

The Fryes said they fixed a busted pipe in early 2009 after a tenant moved out.

They said they shut off the water to the home and gave the water company rental agreements to prove nobody has lived there since.

The Louisville Water Company told us someone at the rental property had been using water until February of last year.

WAVE 3 checked back with Louisville Water Company January 5, after the latest bill was sent to the Fryes.

A spokeswoman for the water company told WAVE 3 the bill was sent out by mistake, because they are still in the process of working to adjust the bill.

It is not clear how much the Fryes will end up having to pay, but WAVE 3 will keep you updated and let you know when a decision is made.

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