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Herbert Lee apologizes for fatal crash

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A teen convicted of murdering four others in a police chase is speaking out for the first time since he was released from juvenile jail.

Herbert Lee is now 19-years-old. He sat down for an interview with Community Activist Christopher 2x, for his radio program, "From the Corner to the Courthouse".

Lee apologized again for the fatal crash that happened in December 2008. He was 16 at the time and was driving the car, that killed brothers Jemar, Demar and Marc Claybrooks and Aaron Shields

"I never meant for anybody to get hurt," said Lee.

Lee was giving the boys a ride home from a Youth Alive event in Louisville, when he crashed the stolen car he was driving into a tree.

"I believe I lost control right before the impact happened and blacked out," said Lee. "One of the nurses told me, she had told me that someone had come to the hospital with me and he had died in the room next to me."  
"When did you find out about the other three boys," asked Christopher 2x.  
"When I got to the detention center," said Lee.

Lee served one year in prison for manslaughter, the maximum sentence he could get under juvenile law.

On Christmas Day, a memorial was revealed in an area called the Garden of Angels. A copper colored sculpture depicting 4 figures holding a globe, representing the four boys that were lost.

Lee visited it the day after the it unveiled and brought over a teddy bear.

"Something I gotta live with," said Lee. "Actions that I had done killed four boys and that is something I have to deal with. It eats me everyday."

Lee says he completed high school studies while in custody and that he hopes to go to college one day and to study business management. Lee says he hopes to meet with the parents of the teenagers who died in the accident and says he has been corresponding regularly with Marc Hampton, the father of Demar, Jemar and Marc Claybrooks.

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