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Popular over-the-counter drugs recalled, could contain powerful prescription medications

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LINCOLN, NE (WAVE) - Pharmaceutical company Novartis voluntarily recalled a number of popular over-the-counter medications on Monday because they could contain stray tablets of powerful prescription painkillers.

Excedrin, Bufferin, No-Doze and Gas-X were being pulled because the products may contain strong prescription medications like percocet, endocet, opana and zydone. All the products were made at the same Lincoln, NE Novartis facility. Novartis suspended operations at that plant.

The over-the-counter bottles involved in the recall have expiration dates of 2014 or earlier. The bottles were distributed throughout the U.S.

There have not been any reports of injuries associated with the problems.  

Click here for more information about this recall from the federal Food and Drug Administration.

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