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St. Matthews Police make arrests in several car break-ins cases

Det. Barbara Shepard Det. Barbara Shepard
Det. Tony Ford Det. Tony Ford

By Katie Bauer email | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – St. Matthews Police make big arrests in several car break-in cases and recovered several thousand dollars worth of stolen property.

"Jewelry, change, a lot of gift cards, credit cards, cash, GPS'," said St. Matthews Police Detective Barbara Shepard.

Shepard says anything they could grab quickly they would. "These particular people would start and would go several blocks at a time and then come out with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of stuff," said Shepard.

Early Monday morning, a patrol officer noticed a suspicious car with one headlight. Inside officers found Timothy Lewis, Kevin McKinney, Vanessa Finley and a lot of stuff investigators say did not belong to any of them. 

Police say the group targeted several neighborhoods in St. Matthews and possibly elsewhere. "This find is also probably going to clear up a bunch of cases for Anchorage Police and Metro Police," said Shepard.

It wasn't just neighborhoods, police say other thieves were targeting local gym parking lots. St. Matthews Police Detective Tony Ford says they had several unsolved car break-in cases, especially at Urban Active on Shelbyville Road. "They look for women's purses usually first, laptops, bags of any kind," said Ford.

Police say David Buchholz became a suspect and while detectives were running surveillance on him, they were led to an Urban Active parking lot on Preston Highway. "Actually witnessed him break the window out of car and break into it," said Ford.

Once he was questioned, Ford says Buchholz admitted he was involved in several break-ins at the Urban Active in St. Matthews.

If you recognized any of the stolen property in the video, you are asked to give St. Matthews Police a call at (502) 893-9000.

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