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Four middle schools to track students' achievement, offer incentives to teachers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Several schools will be among the first in Jefferson County to try a new plan aimed at improving underachieving schools. 

The four schools in question are Myers Middle School, Olmsted Academy North, Stuart Middle School and Westport Middle School. Teachers at those schools will be evaluated and awarded based on how well their students perform.

The Jefferson County Board of Education voted Monday night to try the transformational model which gives teachers incentives.

"I think it's good. Anything to help the children learn better should be in their best interest, " said Jimmy Lester whose two sons just started at Olmsted North.

Not all parents think it's fair to put so much pressure on the teachers.

"They're working really hard and their numbers are coming up," said Patricia Malone who has one son at Olmsted North. "It's just unfortunate that every time they kind of rise up to where the bar is, the bar gets reset, and so for me, that's not fair."

Olmsted North Principal Bill Perkins said the incentives do not set teachers up to fail.

"I think that they succeed in this model because it provides lots of support mechanisms within the structures," said Perkins.

Perkins added that they are still working on the details of the supports and rewards, but rewards could include loan forgiveness, health club memberships and subsidizing childcare.  

"I think it definitely could be successful, and I think it certainly could be a model for the state," said Perkins.

Teacher evaluations based on student performance will begin this fall at the four middle schools.

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