Two people rescued from burning home near Churchill Downs

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two people were rescued from a burning home near Churchill Downs Friday morning.  The man, Tommy Young, told WAVE 3 he and his girlfriend are ok.

"When I heard fire that was all it took," said Young. "I don't play with fire."

Young says a UPS driver passed the home and knocked on the door, yelling fire.  Young, his girlfriend, and their dog climbed from their second story apartment onto the roof.

"We had to crawl out the front window to get out because the hallways, front and back both, were all covered in black smoke," said Young.

A cable company truck stopped and the driver provided a ladder so they could escape from the house.

"My clothes and stuff, they can all be replaced," said Young.  "I'm not happy about my motorcycle, which was inside too."

Louisville Fire and Rescue was called to the scene in the 3200 block of Taylor Boulevard at 9:34 a.m. Flames were showing when firefighters arrived.

"You see flames coming out the back of the house," said neighbor Tim Miller.  "The visibility was so bad on Taylor Boulevard, you couldn't see nothing.  It was a total blackout."

Col. Charles Mucker says it started in the lower right side of a home, which appears to be a total loss.  The fire appears to have caused some damage to the exterior of the houses on both side and there will most likely be water damage. 

"We did a great job with the wind and the exposures on both sides, but with the wind as high as it was that's definitely an 'Attaboy' for the firefighters that were on the scene," said Mucker.

As for Young--he's going to miss his motorcycle most.

"I guess I can rebuild it again," said Young. "At least I'm here to do it."

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