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Confirmed EF-0 tornado rips through Clark County

Daniel Maudlin Daniel Maudlin
Ryan Bundy Ryan Bundy
Rodney Copas Rodney Copas

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Southern Indiana was slammed with three confirmed tornadoes on Tuesday in Clarksville, Madison, and Floyds Knobs.

"It was over in a matter of seconds and it was gone," said Ryan Bundy of Clarksville who witnessed the storm.

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The impact of what happened in Clarksville was still being felt Tuesday night. Parking lots looked like battlefields as debris was scattered everywhere and windows were been blown out of cars. Heavy, grounded air conditioner units were toppled over on their side. Fences were blown over, these slats of yellow wood littering the parking lot. The fierce winds even stripped an interstate billboard ad bare, tearing it down and whirling it around. Then, there's the tale about a car that picked up and carried by the wind.

"That car was sitting up on the flower bed and there were trash cans and debris everywhere and the windows out of that van," said Daniel Maudlin who witnessed the storm in Clarksville.

"The poor lady who lost her car was just standing there in amazement because it had to carry that car 500-600 feet through the air before it dropped it," Bundy said.

Tuesday night, the National Weather Service confirms all this destruction is in fact the work of an EF-0 tornado. Those who saw it believe it.

"It was just rain wrapped because you could see the rain and then when it sucked all the debris up out of the dumpsters, the debris went up in a spin and you'd just watch it spin and it went right over the interstate," Bundy said.

As people went to hide for shelter, Mother Nature fought back.

"When the wind starting come down I was trying to lock my front door, but the wind was so strong I couldn't even open the front door so I just got all my customers and we went to the back and heard everything," said Rodney Copas, who witnessed the storm.

"We heard the sirens go off so we got up and went to the front door and it sucked the front door so we locked it and we saw the funnel cloud and it was just spinning so we ran to the back and I told my guys to get in because they were outside working and as soon as we came in we saw the tornado come over this building and come down," Bundy said.

Several other buildings were badly beaten up across southern Indiana, all by a rare twister in January.

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