WAVE 3 Editorial, January 19, 2011: Viewer Feedback

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Your feedback to our hospital merger editorial was pointed.

Michele emailed: "Do we honestly think that Kentucky is going to keep University Hospital afloat when it begins to sink?"

Kevin emailed: "The people of Kentucky will be much better served letting University stand or sink on its own."

Jack responded to our gambling expansion editorial: "Why not keep the money in Kentucky? I will not vote yes unless it is a full casino, not just slots.  If the opposition is so confident the public doesn't want casinos, why don't they let us vote so they can gloat on how smart they are?"

Our quality teachers editorial didn't sit well with Georgia who emailed: "When was the last time you read to your child, helped with homework, went to a parent teacher conference, turned off the TV, game station, and cell phone and made sure your child went to bed before 2am? I work for JCPS and I've been cursed by parents and students ten times as often as I've been asked by a parent WHAT CAN I DO to help my child?"

Catherine added : "The quality of the teacher should not be measured by degree and certification only, but passion for topic and students should be taken into account."

A board certified teacher emailed that Kentucky was more than generous in paying 75% of her certification fees and paid additional money for each year the certification was current.

Another viewer shared information about Teach Kentucky, a local 501-c-3 that has recruited over 100 high achieving young teachers to town for the past decade.

We appreciate all of your feedback.

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